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Bounce House Rentals... everything you want, the way you want it!
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Our Inflatables Jumpers Are At The Highest Quality:

- Made in the USA.
- Our inflatable jumper assemblers are experienced- most staff have worked for us for 12+ years.
- We use top quality material: 18 oz. Plato PVC.
- Double stitching, no glue!
- Careful attention to detail for function and safety.
- Our inflatables are lead safe. All our product materials are tested and verified to have lead levels low below 70ppm (Particles Per Million). Federal limits on lead in child products are 90ppm for painted surfaces and 300ppm for all other parts


Our Inflatables Have Traveled To Various Continents All Over The World!

Here at Jump N Jump, we are grateful for the opportunity not only to serve customers in our home country, but all over North America , as well as Southern America, Asia, and Oceania. Over the past 15 years Jump N Jump has worked hard to expand and have the capability to serve the needs of our customers without compromising quality. We've had the opportunity of working with various freight companies that can deliver our products without limits to serve customers worldwides. For more info please contact us or give us a call!


Located In Fontana California we provide, Moon Houses, Bounce House, Bounce House Rentals, Inflatable Jumpers, Inflatable Manufacturer, Inflatable Slides, Jump House, Jump Bouncers, Moon Bounce, Moonwalk, Bouncers, jumpers, water slides and obstacle courses.

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Professional delivery to Fontana, CA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.